Photo series

Dogpoo Stories(2010)

Every day, Rob Willems removes 1,000 kilos of poop from the dog walking areas in Purmerend using the Egholm 2100-II.
The Hague – Roel Bouwmeester drives the poop-vacuuming quad that belongs to the local Zeeheldenkwartier company. The vacuum system tends to jam in wet weather, and the accompanying smell lingers. “That’s why I chain-smoke hand-rolled cigarettes; you don’t smell it anymore.”
Veendam – Ineke van der Meer from Veendam’s Zeestratenwijk management team sculpted a half a loaf of Dutch spice cake into two symbolic dog turds. They will be the highlight of the festive opening to celebrate the new dog walking route.


  1. Cack in a sack instead of poo on the shoe (Terneuzen)
  2. Dog poo? We’re not walking into that again! (Geldrop-Mierlo)
  3. Make our day: pick up that poo and throw it away (Beesel)
  4. Dog poo: clean it up, it saves a pile! (Geertruidenberg)
  5. Walking our dogs and cleaning up after them is a communal effort (Dronten)
  6. A clean sidewalk is in your hands (Sliedrecht)
  7. Dog poo: in the bin is a win! (Reusel-De Mierden)
  8. Heuvel is done putting up with this crap (Heuvel)
  9. Your dog’s heap? Get rid of that [bleep]! (Heerenveen)
  10. Real dog walkers clean up (Utrecht)
  11. Dog poo is serious business (Akersloot)
Amsterdam – Het Stenen Hoofd
Amsterdam – Ronald Kaspers spent years working for a private taxi firm, driving Lexuses, Mercedes Benzes and BMWs. then the firm went bankrupt, and he was fired. For the past 10 months he has been driving the Avant 216, which is also known in the business as “The Doggymaster.”

The HPZ3 dog waste removal machine was invented by the Kraaijeveld brothers from Barendrecht. Featuring four turbo blowers that produce four blasts measuring 35 m/s (125 km/h), a minimum noise level of 78 db in the cabin, a receptacle that tilts 130 degree and a completely adjustable scoop, the HPZ3 is the Rolls Royce of dog waste removal machines.

Hilversum – Gert Willemse uses the LM Trac 285, a vacuum machine attached to a wheelie bin, to vacuum up dog doo. Three full bins a day.
Ede – For Wil and Jacques Rijk this is a very special day. After spending six years lobbying for dog doo bins, finally it has been installed: the DepoMat 2000, the most advanced dog poo bin in the Netherlands. The bin is equipped with bag dispensers on both sides, a removable inner bin, and firework-proof. Wil Rijk: “It was six years of nagging, nagging, and more nagging, but the council finally came round.”
Noordwijk – The order for 72,000 dog waste bags. Once a year, dog owners in Noordwijk can pick up five rolls of dog waste bags from the information desk in city hall.
Breda – Mat Hendrickx has been a dog warden for 15 years. He also coordinates the dog walk areas for the 10,000 dogs living in Breda.
Hilversum – Jan van der Linden’s “gold turd” is a protest against the € 137 fine that his wife Willie was issued for forgetting her dog waste bag. He bought the fake turd from a party shop, sprayed it with gold paint, and used wired to mount it on a cutting board. The Hilversum resident’s plan was to present it to the city, but officials refused to accept the turd.