Photo series

Calvin Klein – the Dyslexic Collection(2015)

An investigation on dyslexia in the counterfeit industry.

Galvin Klain

Iran – Teheran – Grand Bazaar – Reza
50.000 Riaal (€ 1.44)

Leave the motorbike parking area, cross the square and join the masses heading for the entrance to the Bazaar. Walk past the tourist carriages and clandestine currency brokers, and on the right you’ll see a group of traders on rugs selling just one product. One of them is Reza, who sells black and red Galvin Klain underwear.

Calven Klain

Syria – Damascus – Al-Hamidiyah Souq – Reza
400 pounds (€ 1.97)

Immediately to the right of the southern entrance to the Al-Hamidiyah Souq is a lane with lingerie shops. Reza works on the first stall on the left, selling Calven Klain.

Kalvi Klan

Thailand – Bangkok – Patpong Nightmarket – Thawatchai
50 baht THB (€ 1.21)

Exit 1 from the side entrance of Sala Daeng metro station takes you straight onto the Pat Pong night-time market. Walk past the go-go bars and turn left into the lane with stalls selling bags, souvenirs and watches. Fifty metres along, you will see a huge purple/pink neon sign saying ‘Super Pussy’. Take the first right, where the second stall sells Thawatchai Kalvi Klan and Calven Kiein products.

Ukraine – Lviv – Krakivsky market – Sergey
6 Hryvnia (€ 0.24)

Go through the northern entrance of the Krakivsky market and cross the petfood section. Turn right after the wedding dresses and then take the third left. Sergey running the socks and pants stall on the corner sells Calvin Klain underwear.

Calvin Klain
Calven kliem

Ukraine – Kyiv – Petrovka Market – Sasha
10 Hryvnia (€ 0.40)

Leave the metro station in a northerly direction towards Verbova Street. Turn left just before the DVD section and continue straight ahead for 400 metres. When you see the words ‘Pынок Петровка’ (Petrovka market) in metre-high letters, turn right at the FASHION VIP clothes store. Three stalls along, you’ll find Sasha selling Calven Kliem.

Colvin Kloin

Georgia – Zugdidi – central market – Georgi
5 lari (€ 2.22)

Walk behind the bus station towards the taxi rank. At the end, near to the minibuses to Kutaisi and Batumi, there is a market with two rows of women’s clothing. Georgi’s stall, brimming with underwear and socks, is about 50 metres along. He not only sells Colvin Kloin underwear (featuring the FC Mozdok emblem), but also Iphone underpants and Facebook perfume.

Uit de film ‘Back to the Future’ (1985)

Marty McFly meets his young mother, a quite “modern” girl who got a kind of crush for him who she keeps calling “Calvin Klein”.