Photo series

After Mandela(2013)

With Stefanie Grätz (website)

Delft – Mandela Street – April 28th 1984
The Hague – Mandela Square – November 3rd 1987
Weesp – Nelson Mandela Court – March 15th 1990
IJsselstein – Nelson Mandela Square – January 2nd 2002
Limbricht – Nelson Mandela Street – November 15th 1988
Schijndel – Mandela Lane – February 15th 1990
Arnhem – Nelson Mandela Bridge – November 3rd 1986
Zoetermeer – Nelson Mandela Bridge – January 28th 1991
Almere – Mandela Park – November 30th 1986, Mandela Tree 1993, Mandela Square, Mandela Path, Mandela Garage – June 30th 2009

Almere has five namings: Mandela Park, the Mandela Tree, Mandela Square, Mandela Lane and the Mandela Garage; a national record. In 1986 council member Jan de Vetter (D66) asked the mayor to name something after ‘those brave people trying to end apartheid in South Africa.’ In the same year it was agreed that the park opposite central station would be named Mandela Park. A plaque honoured Winnie as well as Nelson, but this was not replaced after the redevelopment. In 2011 the Mandela Tree was replanted in Mandela Square, in the presence of Amnesty International Almere. The 40 year-old African amber had been moved to Landos Drive two years earlier, while the original site was redeveloped.

Capelle aan den IJssel – June 9th 2009 – Nelson Mandela Path

Several long bike paths in Capelle aan den IJssel did not have a name before 2009. This proved inefficient in cases of emergency when inhabitants of Capelle had to identify their location to emergency services or in less precarious cases when a tree had fallen onto a path. For the bike paths in the Schollevaar quarter names of birds and mammals that live in the area were chosen. Previously, in 2008 to mark the 60th jubilee of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the counsil signalled their intention to consider important figures from the human rights movement when it came to naming streets. The council confirmed the following names for the Schollevaar quarter:

Hare Path
Kingfisher Path
Ermine Path
Rabbit Path
Wood mouse Path
Stork Path
Martin Luther King Path
Nelson Mandela Path

Hellevoetsluis – Nelson Mandelalaan – 4 november 2005
Ridderkerk – Nelson Mandelastraat – 30 june 2009